tide and sea

the tides that were mine relinquished in you,you got the zest to move on,while your peace shattered my exuberance, i am … More


I bask on banalities.My conflicts are lukewarm.I have no stories to tellbut tiny moments,fractured from life.My imagination,not a robust rock,but … More

Drunk Valentine

Dont open this gift!I told you, didn’t I?to not read between the lines,to just take a bite, It was a … More


My white little stick,wrapped in death’s cloak,looks so benign,till it’s tipburns red,of it’s own accord. my hands, the docile slaves,my … More


if reality blazed like words i wrote,i would have turned to ashes already,reality is a plateau,while words rise and fall,its … More


I love nights more than days,Days are dusty and noisy,They show everything so bright,Contour of love dissolving in clutter,With no … More

To my confidant

There is something I need to tell you. Something as life would have it, I have never told anyone. You … More