A little blessing

There is something so tender, so beautiful about this night.Nothing very special seems to have happened. I am in my same dingy room, doing more or less the same things I have been doing in months. Reading for the exams that are never over until they really are. Stressing myself out when that’s the least appropriate thing to do. But still, there is something so tender and so beautiful about this night. Maybe it’s a culmination of something that only comes to fruition in hindsight. Maybe I am a little grateful today because things tilted slightly in my favor. It’s cold in my room but it’s a kind of cold that gets through your lungs before it hits your heart and bones. Like a lover you have been complaining about in recent times but you see a moment of beauty in her, while she is doing her hair or just being her and your forgive her for the bad feelings she incited in you. I don’t know what is it, but there is indeed something in the air at this time of night; it is a little calm and a little warm. And the coffee by my table is a blessing. I am bathing in this tenderness. And feeling lovely and beautiful

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