Crying, Confessing..

You were crying on my shoulder,
I was crying but happy too,
That my faded T-shirt,
was worthy to soak up your tears,
You were crying and crying,
Never in my life have I seen someone cry so,
I didnot tell you not to cry,
I didnot take my shoulder off your head,
To hold you in my arms and kiss you,
I just let you cry to your heart's content,
Perhaps you wanted a hug?
It was beautiful,
That the barriers were finally crumbling between us,
Not like legos but like cards, noiselessly,
That you were ready to show your insecurities,
like showing some embarrassing picture, 
And I was ready to not fake responses,
I could tell you that you sometimes bored me,
without you taking offense,
And I could tell you how beautiful you were,
not because i wanted to flatter you,
But because it was a true thing to tell,
So when you cried today,
I let you cry without asking you to stop,
And when you eventually did stop,
You told me all about it,
About the fears that crawled through your  body,
And turned it numb,
About the regrets in your life,
that you smeared with false content,
And the romantically impossible dreams,
 that you killed with your own hands,
To let other dreams bloom,
And the people you hated,
But told that you loved,
And the people that you loved,
But told that you hated,
And all manner of things you pitied yourself for,
I listened, I judged, I became you,
And then it was my turn,
To seek your shoulders...

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